If You Were Injured On The Job And Your Car is Broken Down, How Are You Supposed To Get To the Doctor?

Travel to and from the doctor after a job related injury is an issue for some.  First, in order to continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you must get to your doctor appointments.  The workers’ comp insurance company is looking for reasons to deny benefits.  One such reason is “refusal to treat”.  If your car is broken down, or you are in too much pain to drive and you can’t get to the doctor, the insurance company may perceive this as a refusal.

We know what to do in this situation.  The insurance provider is required to pay for transportation for you.  There are professional transportation companies that will come to your house and transport you to and from your doctor.  However, workers’ comp may not volunteer this option.  We will demand that they provide transportation services and make sure they know you are not failing to treat, you just can’t get there without help.  If they still won’t provide transport, we will file a motion and haul them into court to explain why.  99% of the time, this will cause them to act right.

Even if you can drive yourself, workers’ comp is required to reimburse you for your travel.  We will also make sure they pay you what you deserve.  Often times we can get the insurance company to front travel costs, so you truly don’t have to pay for this service out of pocket.

Our purpose is to ease the anxieties of injured workers in Mississippi.  We promise to provide “true help” and that you will never have to pay anything out of your own pocket.

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