Lawyers at Rundlett Law Firm, PLLC have been helping Mississippi citizens with legal issues for over 20 years. We are based out of Clinton, Mississippi. Our focus is on helping injured workers with workers’ compensation claims and helping people plan for their futures in the area of Wills and Estates. We also represent those with serious injuries resulting from someone else’s negligent behavior.

Our core values serve as our compass in the way we help our clients. Our values are compassionate, fast, efficient, drama-free, Christian-based service. We also strive to have fun, be honest, have humility, be positive, have an attitude of gratitude, and a team-based mindset.

Whether you have been injured on the job, injured in a car crash, or want help drafting a will and estate documents we can help you. Our legal team meets regularly to discuss the most efficient ways to best help our clients. We are always finding and implementing better and faster ways to help our clients get the results they want and need.



“Dear Mr. Rundlett, just a note to let you know I received your check in the mail January 26, 2006. It was more than I had expected, and I want to thank you for all the time you put into taking care of my case.”

Thank you again, L.G.

“Dear Mr. Rundlett, there will never be enough words to express my gratitude for your law firm assisting my family with the settlement/buyback of my lemon vehicle purchase. Mississippi laws are there to protect consumers when they have spent their hard-earned money on a defective vehicle purchase; however, it is up to the law firm representing the case to fight for the consumer. The Rundlett Law Firm exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable. Our choice to choose your law firm was the best decision that we ever made. Thanks to you we now have a second chance at purchasing a vehicle that is safe and reliable for our family.”

Sincerely, D.D.G.

“Kevin, thanks so much for helping my brother with his case. We’re all happy with the way it worked out and appreciate your kindness during the process.”

Thank you, G.G.

“I was impressed and satisfied with the service provided.”

Sincerely, D.S.

“Kevin did everything we needed and wanted him to perform with our estate plan. All of our expectations were met.”

Thank you, MV and BV


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How Long Does a Workers’ Comp Case Take?

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The purpose of our Workers’ Compensation Laws is to provide fast medical treatment and benefits to workers who are injured on the job and to get the injured worker back to work. However, when insurance companies are involved, “fast” [...]



Whether you were injured at work or you want help planning for the future, our purpose is to calm client anxieties by guiding them to a fast, honest legal victory.