Is Fighting Best for the Injured Client?

Rundlett Law Firm collects millions for our Mississippi clients who have been injured either at work or because someone else did something stupid.  One of our beliefs is that we should treat everyone we encounter with dignity and respect.  That simply means, be nice!  First, we are nice to other members of our awesome team.  Second, we are nice to our clients.  And finally, we are nice to the defense attorneys and the insurance company that hold the reins of the money you should receive in your case.

Every case hinges on the facts, the facts, and the facts.  Let’s use a car wreck as an example.  There was a car wreck, someone did something dumb, caused a crash, and injuries can be proven with medical records.  Those are all facts.  So which of the following presentations is more likely to help our client?  1)  The facts are presented in a threatening manner with a demand for money that is completely unreasonable, or 2)  The facts are presented in a calm, cool manner.  Either way, the same facts are being presented.  But, we know if an attorney comes out of the gate swinging with a right cross, or a big proverbial “shove”, they are going to be met with the same.

Here is another example.  I am lucky to serve my city of Clinton, Mississippi as City prosecutor.  I go to court once per week and represent the city against individuals charged with minor crimes in our city.  I have dealt with many attorneys over the years.  I can assure you, the attorneys who come in with a smile and a calm, cool presentation of the facts  get much better outcomes for their clients than the bulldogs.

I am not saying there is never a point where your attorney should not stand up and fight.  We have and we will if the situation dictates.  I am saying you should hire an attorney who understands reason and can identify the “fight point”.  A great man who walked the earth 2000 years ago taught us the value of treating others like we want to be treated.  Rundlett Law Firm follows that man’s advice.  But guess what, he had his breaking point too.  Sometimes fighting is the only option.  We can see that point clearly.  However, until that point we treat people nicely, and it pays for our clients.

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill