What Benefits Is An Injured Mississippi Worker Entitled To Receive?

What is a “Right”, Generally?

A “right” is defined as  a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral.  In the context of Mississippi Workers’ compensation cases, these rights are detailed in the laws that are actually on the books.  Said statues, or laws, define the benefits an injured worker is entitled to receive.  Mississippi’s workers’ compensation laws can be found in Section 71 of the Mississippi Code Annotated.

What Rights does an Injured Mississippi Worker Have?

This is not an exhaustive list of rights, but are the ones our clients are usually most concerned with obtaining.  The following rights pertain to qualified work injuries.  Rundlett Law Firm and our five star team are happy to discuss any questions you have and help determine if your claim qualifies.

First, an injured worker is entitled to hire an attorney to represent them at no cost.  Attorney fees are paid at the end of a case and only if the attorney is successful.  Rundlett Law Firm has collected millions for our clients.

Second, an injured worker is entitled to choose their own doctor.  Workers’ comp insurance companies and employers in Mississippi routinely send their injured workers to doctors of their choosing.  This is not always best for those hurt at work.

Third, an injured worker is entitled to have all of their medical treatment including doctor’s visits, physical therapy, pain management, surgery, medications, home modifications, specialized transportation and others paid for by the workers’ comp insurance company for life, at no cost to the injured worker.

Fourth, an injured worker is entitled to receive part of their wages while they are unable to work.

Fifth, an injured worker is entitled to a lump sum settlement.  Lump sum settlements are usually available once an injured worker reaches maximum recovery.  Maximum recovery does not mean 100% recovery.  It means the injured person has recovered as much as they possibly can.  A lump sum may include money for lost wages and money for anticipated future medical costs.  Rundlett Law Firm is skilled at maximizing this recovery for our clients.

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