Are Work Injuries Related to Co-Workers’ Pranks Covered?

We have all seen those clips on America’s Funniest Videos where a worker hides in a barrel with a scary mask and jumps out to scare a co-worker.  What happens to a Mississippi Worker who is inured by such a prank?  Believe me, it happens.  Mississippi law recognizes horseplay and jokester related injuries as compensable.  First, if this happens to you always report the injury to your supervisor.  Second, workers’ compensation insurance should cover any injuries and lost pay related to the injury.  Finally, if there are any delays in treatment or if your employer denies coverage, you should speak to an attorney to protect your rights.

Even if the one pulling the prank is the one injured, he/she is likely covered under Mississippi workers’ compensation.  There are a few exceptions. Outcomes in workers’ comp are always dependent  upon the specific facts of the case.  Speak to a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Attorney if you were hurt as a result of horseplay or pranks while on the job.


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