Warning!  Do Not Sign Workers’ Comp Paperwork Until You Understand:

So you have agreed to settle your Mississippi Workers’ Compensation case and your attorney just asked you to sign a bunch of documents.  What is this??  Don’t worry!  This is to explain exactly what the paperwork is and why it is needed.  First,  attorneys for your employer will likely draft a Petition for Approval of Settlement and deliver it to you or your attorney.  Because this document is not usually drafted by your attorney, you and/or your attorney should read it carefully.  It will include personal information about you, a detailed description of your injury and treatments, how much money is being paid to you and your attorney, and other information.  One thing that usually needs to be added is a paragraph detailing your life expectancy and that the settlement is to be considered payed on a weekly basis over your expected life.  This will save you lots of money if you ever get on Social Security Disability.  Your attorney can help with this addition to the document.

Second, you will likely be provided a document called a B-31.  This is a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Form required by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  It is a one page document that details all payments that were paid for your claim.

Third, the Employer may ask you to sign a general Release.  This is a document that says you agree never to sue your employer again for this claim.  Sometimes your employer may try to sneak in language that could cause you to give up rights you should not give up.  Do not sign this Release without first discussing with a qualified Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Attorney!

Watch this video for a full explanation and warnings………

What is a “Distribution Statement”?

This will be applicable only if you have an attorney helping you with your claim.  At Rundlett Law Firm, PLLC, we always provide you with a distribution statement that clearly explains the total settlement, expenses taken out, and attorneys fees paid.  You should have a complete understanding of your settlement from your attorney before you sign.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  We love to help injured workers!


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