Will Your Mississippi Personal Injury Case Succeed?

There are many types of non work related personal injury cases; car wrecks, 18 wheeler crashes, motorcycle wrecks, premises liability(slip and falls, assaults, dog bites), medical malpractice, and others.   Each type of case has specific and different legal elements that must be proven.  However, all of the types of personal injury cases also have common elements that must be proven in the courts in Mississippi.  What are the basic elements that must be proven and how is it done?

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As described in my video, there are three basic elements common to every injury case that must be proven.  First, there must be an actual injury.  Medical records and bills are important and usually sufficient for proving injuries.

Next, your attorney will have to prove negligence.  Negligence occurs when a person acts in an unreasonable manner.  A jury will compare the actions at issue to what a “reasonable person under similar circumstances would have done”.  If a reasonable person would have acted differently, then negligence is probably provable.  Another way of describing negligence is simply someone doing something stupid.  Texting and driving is “stupid” and negligent, for example.

The final basic element that must be proven is damage.  Damages in a Mississippi injury case may be past and future medical bills, past and future pain and suffering, past and future lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, property damages, and others.   A comparison of an injured person’s life just before an accident and then after is a good way to analyze the damage caused.  There must be at least one of the elements of damages before a case can succeed.

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