Making sure you can properly recover from your injury is the most important thing. It’s pivotal you put your all into your recovery so that you can get back to work safely as soon as possible. Medical expenses, insurance, lawyers, and basic living expenses can put a lot of stress on you when you should be entirely focused on treatment. These distractions can make recovery take longer than necessary and make it more difficult to fully recover and return to normal life. Letting a workers’ compensation attorney handle your claim allows you to breathe easier and focus on recovery.

Do I Need to Follow My Doctor’s Instructions?

Doctors and rehabilitation therapists have your best interests in mind, so when it comes to recovery, it’s important to listen to them. With the amount of experience and ongoing education in recovery methods, they know what your body needs. Follow any directions they have so that you can recover quickly and achieve the best results possible. Listening to your trusted medical team will also make sure you don’t re-injure yourself. If you’re in the midst of a claim, it’s even more important to follow your physician’s guidelines, otherwise, the insurance companies could blame you for a lack of recovery and get your benefits denied.

Can I Ask for Special Accommodations at Work?

You may need to ask for reasonable new accommodations or work restrictions, depending on the type and severity of the injury you’ve suffered. These accommodations could be temporary or permanent based on your specific needs. Your physician will determine what you’re about to handle and which work activities or types of movement you should avoid. It’s very important you follow your doctor’s advice in order to prevent re-injury. Heavy lifting, bending down, or even standing for long periods of time may be harmful immediately following your recovery. Having a workers’ compensation lawyer advising you on how to best approach your employer about this is a great way to ensure your needs are met without any pushback.

Should I Consider Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

It’s possible to manage a workers’ comp claim on your own if the claim is very simple. That said, the process of trying to focus on recovery while also juggling conversations with insurance companies and workers’ comp can be difficult. There are also various situations, such as a denied claim or a settlement offer, in which you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney anyway. The workers’ comp system can be tough to navigate. A workers’ compensation lawyer can properly value your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, and represent you during an appeal, if necessary. With a trusted legal advisor like Rundlet Law Firm, PLLC on your side, you can focus 100% on recovery. Give us a call today at 601-353-8504 for a free consultation.