People call me all the time and ask this question. The usual scenario I see is they are a witness in some misdemeanor offense, or they are a victim of a misdemeanor offense. If a person is listed on the police report in any fashion, he or she will likely get a subpoena to come to court.

A subpoena is an order of the Court requiring a person to appear on a certain date and time. Subpoenas must be personally served and the person subpoenaed must have reasonable time to respond.

So what happens if you ignore a subpoena and don’t go to court? At the least, the case you are involved with may get dismissed. At the worst, you could get charged with contempt of court and a warrant could be issued for your arrest. Trust me, in our city, if you get a warrant you will get caught, and soon. So play it safe, and don’t ignore a subpoena.

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