The topic of Wills is no one’s favorite. After all, it makes you actually think about what happens after you are gone. Seems gloomy, but after you bite the bullet and just do it the sense of peace you will feel is amazing. Beyond the peace, a properly done Will is going to make your remaining family member’s lives much easier. You should answer the hard questions for them now.

Unfortunately, death can bring out the ugliest side of remaining family members. A Will can cut down on the ugliness and fighting that seems to occur all too often. Additionally, a Will should reduce the number of decisions that your remaining family will have to make thus reducing their stress in a very stressful time.

Some of the issues a Will should address are:

  1. Who gets what?
  2. What type of funeral service do you want?
  3. How will your debts be paid?
  4. Who will be in charge of your estate?
  5. Who will take care of your kids?
  6. If your kids are young, who will be their guardian?
  7. Do you need a Trust for your kids?
  8. What happens to your business?

The above issues can get complicated if just left to the laws that address what to do when there is no Will. Take control of this while you can! I did. You will feel much better. Let me know if you have any questions.