Mission Statement: To calm client anxieties by leading them to a fast, honest, legal victory. 

Lawyers get asked all the time, “do you win a lot?”. This seems like a simple question, but the answer is actually pretty complicated. The reason this is complicated is because very little involving the law is black and white. The law is very grey. This was a shock to me too in my first semester of law school, see, my undergraduate degree is a B.S. in engineering (a very black and white field) from Auburn University.

A typical law school test is a presentation of facts, or a story, then a very open ended question of how they relate to the law. I answered my first round of law school exams like an engineer and got mostly C grades. By the second semester, I started to learn to analyze more like an attorney and the grades came up. Instead of “X is the answer”, the better answer became, “If X, then things will go this way, but if Y, then things will probably go that way”. This is why lawyers are the brunt of so many jokes I suppose. Most rarely give a straight answer. 

The reason I say all this is to partially explain our mission statement that may seem vague. “Winning” is very personal and different for each individual. A hurt, workers’ comp client’s version of “winning” may just be getting healed and back to work. A different workers’ comp client’s version of “winning” might be a lump sum settlement so they can avoid dealing with the employer’s insurance company and gain control of their own treatment.

So really, our mission at Rundlett Law Firm is to calm anxieties by leading you to “your version of a win” in a fast and honest way. If we are lucky enough to help you with your legal issue, we will first discuss what your version of a win looks like, then we will help you get there. 


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”-Winston Churchill