Private Health Insurance vs. Workers’ Comp Insurance:  Which Should You Use?

Construction workers, factory workers, and  manual labor  workers are not the only people who get hurt at work.  Many professional workers get hurt at work every year.  Most professionals and higher paid employees have private health insurance through their jobs.  Why should a higher paid employee who has private insurance consider filing a workers’ compensation claim?

First, Mississippi law requires most employers to carry a separate, workers’ compensation insurance policy that covers all employees.  High income employees often don’t even realize they qualify for workers’ compensation.  

Second, most private health insurance policies will require the employee to pay an out of pocket deductible.  Workers’ comp insurance does not require any out of pocket payments from the employee.

Third, if an employee obtains treatments through a private policy initially, and later applies for workers’ comp, the workers’ comp policy will not be required to reimburse for insurance payments or out of pocket expenses.  Workers’ comp laws require that all treatments must be pre approved to qualify for payment.  

Even high level employees who are injured at work should consider filing a workers’ compensation claim.  If your employer resists, talk to a qualified, Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Attorney.


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