Tips to Maximize Your Mississippi Workers’ Comp Case

What Do I Say to my Doctor???

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First, good medical records will make or break a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation case.  So make sure you go to a doctor as soon as possible following a work related injury in Mississippi.  Second, be absolutely open and honest with your doctor.  Do not leave out any details as to how the injury occurred and what body parts were affected.  Always keep in mind that at some point your case may be presented to a Workers’ Comp Judge.  Your attorney will need good records to be successful with your case.  Next, make sure you follow up with your doctor and do not miss appointments.  This looks bad.

Often times the first doctor you see will be a general practitioner at a “walk in” type clinic.  Make sure and ask the general practitioner if he/she thinks you need to see a specialist.  If the general practitioner thinks you should see a specialist they will refer you to one.  Workers’ comp insurance is required to pay for all treatments in the chain of referrals.

Our purpose is to reduce client anxieties by guiding them to a fast, honest, legal victory.  We are here to help folks get back on their feet after a work related injury.

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