In addition to my private practice, I serve my city as the municipal prosecutor. So I’m going to answer the above from that perspective as opposed to what a defense attorney would say. I’m also going to answer this under the assumption the reason for getting pulled over is a minor, traffic infraction. For more serious offenses, you should definitely seek the advice of separate counsel. However, I think my thoughts on this would apply to any offense.

My free advice is simply to be respectful of the officer. If you are rude or combative with the cop that pulled you over he/she is certain to remember you when you come to court and he/she will tell the prosecutor and the judge how you acted. Most judges take great offense to mistreatment of law enforcement. On the flip side, I have also found that our officers are quick to tell me and the court if an individual was respectful to them. Things always go better for the latter.


“Judge less, love more.”