Never Trust Nobody!

Rundlett Law Firm’s team of lawyers and support staff work hard to get our injured clients the help and money they need.  One of our clients recently contacted  us because she had received a call from someone trying to convince her to give up the money we had just gotten for her in settlement.  This proves that scammers have no limits to ever changing schemes to take your money.  It has always baffled me that people would spend their time and energy coming up with ways to cheat and steal.  Why not just spend that energy honestly earning a living?

The point to this article is just a reminder to all my readers to stay vigilant and be wary of anyone who tries to convince you to give them money or to give them access to your bank accounts or credit cards.  The client I referred to above did the right thing by calling us when she got the scam call.  She did not lose her money.

I don’t know how the scammer found out our client had received a settlement.  Criminals have their ways.  So if you have recently received a settlement in a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury case, be cautious.  Scammers know how to play on your emotions and weaknesses.  Just remember that anything that seems too good to be true, is more than likely a scam.  Some scammers will try and scare you into paying them money, again playing to human emotions.  This is another reason you should have a good attorney on your side.

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