Viable Personal Injury Cases in Mississippi

This article and video will explain the different types of personal injury cases that you may want to talk to an attorney about.

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First, there are two broad categories of lawsuits in Mississippi.  Criminal and Civil.  Civil law is the category for personal injury cases.  Civil law covers anything non-criminal related like contract disputes, lemon law claims, construction defects, and personal injuries.  This article will focus on the different types of non work related personal injury issues.  Work injuries are covered exclusively by the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation laws.

The most common and well known type of personal injury case is a car wreck.  We are all bombarded with attorney commercials and billboards asking “have you been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence?”.  For a car wreck case to justify an attorney’s involvement there must be proof that someone else was at fault.  A one car accident will probably not be a case an attorney can help with.    The car wreck category would include motorcycle accidents and wrecks caused by 18 wheelers.

Other types of personal injury cases include assaults, dog bites, slip and falls, and any injury that occurs on someone else’s property.  These are cases that do not involve motor vehicle insurance.  These cases are often referred to as “premises liability cases” and may be covered by the property owner’s liability insurance policy.

At Rundlett Law Firm, we represent injured Mississippians and understand the importance of keeping our clients informed.  We have full time team members whose job is to do just that.  We speak to our clients on a weekly basis to make sure they know what is going on with their cases.  We strive to reduce the anxieties that are certain to follow a Mississippi car wreck or work related injury.

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