First, I hope you are all doing well in this bizarre time we are having. Our law team is still up and running; however, we have been a remote law firm since 2013 so luckily we were ready for this. I will say things are a bit more challenging with three kiddos running around, but it’s all good!

Most people would rather smash their pinky finger than start the process of getting an estate plan in place. Why? Because of the unknown and having to actually think about one of the two things that are certain about all of us – you know, death and taxes?

Let us put you at ease. Our mission with estate plans is to make the process as frictionless as possible. Here is what you can expect. We will e-mail you a small list of questions you will have to answer and that is truly the toughest part of the process – you have to think about your own mortality and what will happen after you are gone. Tough stuff, I get it. You just have to think about who will step in for you if something happens. But there is nothing invasive about these questions and they are needed to help you with your family’s future. We will send a fillable form by email. Easy peasy.

After you answer the questions, just sit back and relax. My team will step in and get the documents ready.

The final step is for you and our team to meet at our offices – that’s only five people and I promise we will stay six feet apart. We will secure the required notary and witnesses so literally all you have to do is show up! You will sign the documents, we will scan them into my system, package them up, hand them to you, and we will be done. Our goal is to get the entire process done within a week.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill

Love, Kevin