Yesterday I explained why it is important for my clients to ask for copies of written orders, prescriptions, and referrals at the time of the visit when the doctor orders them. This gives me quick ammunition to file a motion should the insurance company delay or deny.

Another reason medical records are important is to preserve a clear trail of consistent treatments. Consistent treatment and compliance by a client shows they are serious about trying to get better. Large gaps in treatment always raise red flags to the defense, and more importantly, the judge.

I always tell my clients not to skip follow up medical appointments and to be proactive with scheduling appointments if referred to a specialist. Following the doctor’s recommendations will hopefully get a client well so they can go back to work as soon as possible (I will post later about what to do if you don’t feel like your doctor has your best interest at heart).

You may be thinking, well how do clients get all these records for you? Don’t worry. My office will issue subpoenas and have all the records sent directly to me. My goal is to make this process as smooth and painless as possible.


Create a solid paper trail for your claim!

Have a great day!