Keeping myself physically fit is very important to me. My chosen fitness routine is CrossFit and Olympic weight lifting. You may be thinking, “why is he saying this on a blog related to workers compensation law?”. There are several reasons this is important here. First, being as fit as you can be will lessen the chance that you will need my legal services in the first place. Strong muscles and strong bones will prevent injuries on the job. Second, working out after an injury will help speed up the healing process and get an injured worker back to making full wages more quickly.

I’ve seen it many times. A worker injures their back, goes to the doctor and receives some type of conservative treatment. Between visits they go home and plant themselves on the couch until the next doctor’s visit. Most of the time these folks see limited improvements and sometimes never get better. I am not suggesting that someone with a back injury jump into an intense workout routine. But I do suggest that an injured worker should talk to their doc, and a fitness professional about a routine that would be safe.

Another issue that occurs with work injuries is depression. Its tough to not be able to go to work and earn what one did before an injury. Physical fitness routines are proven to cause a release of endorphins(feel good hormones) and improve symptoms of depression.

An example of healing through movement in nature is a mother lioness. If she is injured in the wild, do you think she just goes and lies down for months until she is better? No way! There are no breaks in the wild and if she did so, both she and her cubs would starve to death. She pushes through and keeps hunting. She heals on the go. We are similar.


Have a great day!