In workers’ comp claims the question “how do I get to a specialist for my injury”often arises. Most of the time an injured worker will first be seen by a General Practitioner at a small, walk in style clinic. Sometimes it will be at the Emergency Room, but either way you don’t usually get treated by a specialist initially.

First, how do you know if you need a specialist? Injuries that don’t get better quickly with the conservative treatment of a General Practitioner probably need to get checked out by a specialist. Second, your doctor should be able to clearly see a need for a specialist and send you on his/her own. If the doctor does not bring it up, then you should! Simply ask, “Doc, my back is still in intense pain. Do you think I should see a specialist?” Most of the time they will get it scheduled for you right away. If you run into any road blocks, talk to an attorney!


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