I’ve Got Private Health Insurance, Why Should I Use Workers’ Comp?

Private Health Insurance vs. Workers' Comp Insurance:  Which Should You Use? Construction workers, factory workers, and  manual labor  workers are not the only people who get hurt at work.  Many professional workers get hurt at work every year.  Most professionals and higher paid employees have private health insurance through their jobs.  Why should a higher [...]

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Can An Independent Contractor Get Workers’ Comp Benefits In Mississippi?

How To Fight A Denial Of Workers' Compensation Benefits- Independent Contractors First, a true "independent contractor" may not be entitled to Mississippi Workers' Compensation benefits.  However, many times your employer is wrong and you can successfully fight a denial of your comp benefits based on a claim of independent contractor.  One of the most common situations [...]

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Should You File A Workers’ Comp Claim Even If You Received Benefits?

Workers’ Comp Danger!  Beware of the Snake In the Grass! Why should you file a workers’ compensation claim if your employer is paying for your medical needs?  Mississippi workers’ compensation laws require a claim to be filed within one year of a denial of benefits or within two years of the the last medical bill [...]

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What If My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

What Happens When You Are Injured at Work and There is No Comp Coverage? Your employer could be in serious trouble if they do not have a policy of workers’ compensation insurance in Mississippi.  First, when does an employer have to have workers’ comp coverage?  Generally, an employer must secure workers’ comp insurance if it [...]

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How Much Money Is My Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Case Worth?

What Can You Expect At Settlement Time In A Workers' Comp Case? Our goal at Rundlett Law Firm when representing injured workers in Mississippi is to get our clients the maximum benefits possible.  But what can you expect from your workers’ compensation case? First, every workers’ comp case is different and the value of a [...]

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Can I Get Money For Pain In A Mississippi Workers’ Comp Case?

What Does Pain Have to do with a Workers’ Comp case in Mississippi? Is an injured Mississippi Worker entitled to money damages for pain?  Technically, an injured worker can not receive any benefits for pain and suffering in a workers’ compensation case.  Worker’s compensation insurance only pays for proven lost wages and medical bills related [...]

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Protect Your Rights! Do You Know What To Do If Injured At Work In Mississippi?

What Should You Do If Injured At Work In Mississippi?  How to Protect Your Rights If you are injured at work in Mississippi, do you know what steps to take to protect your rights?  Here are the basics:   First, you should make sure you notify your direct supervisor of the work injury.  Make sure [...]

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Does My Workers’ Comp Case Qualify Me For An Attorney?

Will An Attorney Agree To Help With My Workers’ Compensation Claim? I can not speak for all law firms, but I can tell you what our firm considers when taking a case.  First, no matter the seriousness of a work related injury any medical treatment should be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy.  [...]

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Are Injuries While Working from Home Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Are Work from Home Employees Covered by Mississippi Workers’ Comp? Work from home employment is nothing new, but it has certainly become less of an exception and more of a rule since COVID-19.  The basic rule of law in Mississippi is an employee who regularly performs work at their residence with the approval of the [...]

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Can Injured Illegal Alien Workers in Mississippi Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Are Injured Illegal Alien Workers Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Mississippi? Right or wrong, many Mississippi companies hire immigrant workers who do not have legal citizenship or green card rights to be here. What happens when an illegal alien worker is injured on the job?  In Mississippi, injured alien workers are covered by workers’ [...]

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