Want to Fight About It?

Is Fighting Best for the Injured Client? Rundlett Law Firm collects millions for our Mississippi clients who have been injured either at work or because someone else did something stupid.  One of our beliefs is that we should treat everyone we encounter with dignity and respect.  That simply means, be nice!  First, we are nice [...]

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Warning! Scammers Are After Your Injury Settlement

Never Trust Nobody! Rundlett Law Firm's team of lawyers and support staff work hard to get our injured clients the help and money they need.  One of our clients recently contacted  us because she had received a call from someone trying to convince her to give up the money we had just gotten for her [...]

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Our True Help Promise

True Help for Mississippians Whether a person has been injured at work or due to someone doing something stupid, Rundlett Law Firm understands that a hurt person needs more than just a settlement check from an insurance company.  Injuries can cause real anxiety and depression over concerns for the future.  Rundlett Law Firm promises to [...]

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What Your Attorney Must Prove In A Mississippi Injury Case

Will Your Mississippi Personal Injury Case Succeed? There are many types of non work related personal injury cases; car wrecks, 18 wheeler crashes, motorcycle wrecks, premises liability(slip and falls, assaults, dog bites), medical malpractice, and others.   Each type of case has specific and different legal elements that must be proven.  However, all of the [...]

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Types of Personal Injury Cases in Mississippi

Viable Personal Injury Cases in Mississippi This article and video will explain the different types of personal injury cases that you may want to talk to an attorney about. Watch this video to learn more..... https://youtu.be/gFkjfr1_87g First, there are two broad categories of lawsuits in Mississippi.  Criminal and Civil.  Civil law is the category for [...]

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Things To Do and Not To Do if Injured Because of Someone’s Negligence:

If a person or business acts negligently and causes you or a loved one to be injured in Mississippi there are some things you must, and must not do to protect your rights to recover money under the law.  Read more to find out these case winning tips from Rundlett Law Firm. Here is a [...]

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Anatomy of A Personal Injury Case in Mississippi

What to Expect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit: If a person is injured in Mississippi because of someone else’s negligent behavior and they want to pursue a claim, how does it work?  Find out here. First, it is always best to contact an experienced attorney to assist you with your claim.  When we get a [...]

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