Anatomy of A Personal Injury Case in Mississippi

What to Expect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit: If a person is injured in Mississippi because of someone else’s negligent behavior and they want to pursue a claim, how does it work?  Find out here. First, it is always best to contact an experienced attorney to assist you with your claim.  When we get a [...]

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Why is My Workers’ Comp Attorney Telling Me to Look for a Job?

Why a Job Search is Important to Your Mississippi Workers' Comp Case An honest and  thorough job search may make or break a Mississippi Workers' Compensation case.  First, a job search is only necessary in cases involving injuries to the body as a whole.  “Body as a whole” injuries are injuries to a body part [...]

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Impairment Ratings in Mississippi Workers’ Compensation

Why Are Impairment Ratings Important? Impairment ratings in Mississippi workers compensation cases  help determine how much money an injured worker will receive in comp benefits.  An impairment rating is a percentage value for the permanent damage to a body part.  Impairment ratings are important to certain Mississippi Workers’ Compensation cases.  Especially cases involving injuries involving [...]

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How Long Do I Have To Work Before Workers’ Comp Will Cover Injuries?

Immediate Workers' Coverage Available Most people think there is a waiting period before workers’ compensation insurance will be available.  The truth is that Mississippi workers’ compensation coverage kicks in the minute you are on the job, and maybe even before.  The Mississippi Court of Appeals has ruled that even a person hurt in the hiring [...]

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What If Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Acts Naughty?

Bad Faith in Mississippi Workers' Compensation Many times Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Insurance companies try to take advantage of unrepresented, injured workers.  They delay or deny treatments.   They don’t pay the benefits they are required to pay.  This rarely happens to injured workers’ who are represented by counsel.  Why? What is “Bad Faith” Insurance adjusters [...]

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If You Are Injured While Traveling for Work, Does Workers’ Compensation Cover the Injury?

Mississippi workers get injured while traveling all the time.  Truck drivers, traveling salespeople, and employees attending seminars and conventions are a few examples.  Lots of workers have to travel as part of their job.  What happens if there is a wreck or some other accident while workers are away from home or their normal workplace? Mississippi workers’ [...]

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Know Your Attorney’s Values

Rundlett Law Firm strives to help people navigate workers’ compensation claims, personal injury claims, and estate planning. All of our team members do our jobs by adhering to the following value system: Our values are: Honesty; Humility; Positivity; Fun, fast, efficient service; No Drama; and having a Team Centered Mindset. Kevin “Judge less, love more.”- [...]

What is the Difference Between a “Civil” and a “Criminal” Case?

I know we have talked about how our court systems are set up, but there is still confusion about the difference between a civil case and a criminal case. I got a question last week regarding a DUI where there was a wreck and someone got injured. Would this be a “Civil” or a “Criminal” [...]

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What is the Mission of Rundlett Law Firm?

Mission Statement: To calm client anxieties by leading them to a fast, honest, legal victory.  Lawyers get asked all the time, "do you win a lot?". This seems like a simple question, but the answer is actually pretty complicated. The reason this is complicated is because very little involving the law is black and white. [...]

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