Will An Attorney Agree To Help With My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

I can not speak for all law firms, but I can tell you what our firm considers when taking a case.  First, no matter the seriousness of a work related injury any medical treatment should be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy.  Whether we will actually agree to sign up as your attorney hinges on several factors.  However, even if we do not agree to take on your representation, our website is a great source of information that we encourage you to use free of charge.  Here are some of the factors we will consider in deciding whether to represent or not:

  1. Seriousness of injury-  back injuries, hip injuries, head injuries, or injuries requiring surgery are considered “serious” in the comp world.  
  2. Client ability to assist with representation-  we have streamlined our processes and prefer to represent clients who are able to proficiently use a computer and/or their smartphone.  Why?  We will need you to review and sign documents.  Use of regular mail slows the process too much.
  3. Our values at Rundlett Law Firm are to provide superior service in a fast, efficient, drama free manner.  We will always be honest, positive, fun, and humble.  We want clients with the same mindset.

Let us know if we can help!


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