How Long Does It Take To Get a Settlement Check In Workers’ Comp?

Finalizing Settlements in Mississippi Workers' Compensation How long does it take to get a settlement check in a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation case?  The most important issue that determines when an injured worker may get a settlement in a workers’ comp case is "Maximum Medical Improvement".   What is Maximum Medical Improvement? Maximum Medical Improvement is a medical opinion from a [...]

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Work Injuries Caused By Pranks and Horseplay

Are Work Injuries Related to Co-Workers' Pranks Covered? We have all seen those clips on America’s Funniest Videos where a worker hides in a barrel with a scary mask and jumps out to scare a co-worker.  What happens to a Mississippi Worker who is inured by such a prank?  Believe me, it happens.  Mississippi law recognizes horseplay and jokester related [...]

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How Does A Child Support Lien Affect Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Child Support and Workers' Comp in Mississippi What happens in a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation case when the injured worker owes child support?  Generally, no creditors are allowed to come after your workers’ compensation benefits.  However, an exception to this rule is child support.  An injured worker is required to pay child support from workers’ comp benefits.   How does this [...]

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How Does Smoking Affect Back Injuries in Mississippi Workers’ Comp Cases?

Smoking and Low Back Injuries Is smoking related to back pain and can smoking affect my Mississippi workers’ comp claim?  Back pain can be one of the most debilitating injuries a person can sustain.  Studies have shown that smoking greatly increases a person’s chances of developing lower back problems.  Basically, smoking causes injury to the vascular structures of spinal discs [...]

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Should You Settle Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

Should an injured worker in Mississippi  take a lump sum settlement and close medicals? Should an injured worker settle the wage portion only and leave medicals open?  Should an injured worker settle the wages and medical portion of the claim?  Or should an injured worker take their claim to a final hearing?  Once an injured worker in Mississippi reaches Maximum [...]

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Why is My Workers’ Comp Attorney Telling Me to Look for a Job?

Why a Job Search is Important to Your Mississippi Workers' Comp Case An honest and  thorough job search may make or break a Mississippi Workers' Compensation case.  First, a job search is only necessary in cases involving injuries to the body as a whole.  “Body as a whole” injuries are injuries to a body part you can not live without; [...]

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