Should You Use Private Insurance for a Work Injury?

Private Health Insurance vs. Workers' Comp Insurance If an injured worker has private health insurance and they get injured at work, should they use their personal insurance or workers' comp coverage?  Not everyone has this option, so of course, if you don't have private insurance, Workers' Comp is the only option.  The issue usually arises more with white collar workers. [...]

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Tips For Healing From A Workers’ Comp Injury

Two Simple Tips to Heal From a Workers' Comp Injury The purpose of our Workers’ Compensation Laws is to provide fast medical treatment and benefits to workers who are injured on the job and to get the injured worker back to work as fast as possible.  While Rundlett Law Firm, PLLC can help maximize the benefits an injured worker receives [...]

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Carpal Tunnel in Mississippi Workers’ Comp

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, is a very common work related injury that should be covered by Mississippi Workers' Compensation insurance.  CTS can be a painful and debilitating condition caused when the nerves running from the arm into the hand get pinched due to swelling or trauma.  CTS is common with data entry workers and [...]

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I’ve Got Private Health Insurance, Why Should I Use Workers’ Comp?

Private Health Insurance vs. Workers' Comp Insurance:  Which Should You Use? Construction workers, factory workers, and  manual labor  workers are not the only people who get hurt at work.  Many professional workers get hurt at work every year.  Most professionals and higher paid employees have private health insurance through their jobs.  Why should a higher paid employee who has private [...]

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Things To Do and Not To Do if Injured Because of Someone’s Negligence:

If a person or business acts negligently and causes you or a loved one to be injured in Mississippi there are some things you must, and must not do to protect your rights to recover money under the law.  Read more to find out these case winning tips from Rundlett Law Firm. Here is a check list of things TO [...]

By |June 15th, 2021|Personal Injury|

Anatomy of A Personal Injury Case in Mississippi

What to Expect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit: If a person is injured in Mississippi because of someone else’s negligent behavior and they want to pursue a claim, how does it work?  Find out here. First, it is always best to contact an experienced attorney to assist you with your claim.  When we get a call at Rundlett Law Firm [...]

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